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EXPANDING TRIO This longstanding collaboration, with bassist Stefano Senni and drummer Enzo Carpentieri, explores the sound of an acoustic trio expanded by the addition of a Moog, Washint flute and glockenspiel. After numerous performances around Europe, and collaborations with the celebrated italian saxophonist Pietro Tonolo, this group has shared its exciting sound with many enthusiastic music appasionati.

ECSTATIC WEANDERINGS Burk has performed in duo with legendary drummer Rakalam Bob Moses since 2004. This powerful duo is captured on the Jazzwerkstatt release "Ecstatic Weanderings".  In addition, Burk has recorded/performed in duo with musical giant John Tchicai, Irish tenor saxophonist Michael Buckley, Finnish composer/saxophonist Pekka Pylkkanen and Portugese trumpet master Hugo Alves.

SOLO PIANO In reviewing Burk's solo recording The Way In (2006, 482 Music) Jerry D'Souza in AAJ aptly writes: "this very moving music compels introspection as we watch and listen while Burk brings us into intimate contact with his soul, both human and musical." Burk's solo performances combine melodic compositions, visceral "groove canons" and dramatic improvisations.

The Path Here with bassist Jonathan Robinson and drummer Gerald Cleaver, reinvigorates the classic piano trio format by combining the beauty and simplicity of melodic playing with the creative spontaneity of collective improvisation. "The difference between Burk's trio and other "mainstream" pianists of his generation is in the way he relates to tradition. It is seen as a form of continuous evolution...a language to use for dialogue, a common denominator in the moment of artistic creation." Vittorio Lo Conte, AAJ. Burk has recorded in this configuration on Checking In (2002, Soul Note) andIvy Trio (2007, 482 Music).

GREG BURK QUARTET , builds on the foundation of Burk's trio with new extended compositions that incorporate tenor and soprano saxophone and allow for longer improvised explorations of sounds and colors. This group, with saxophonist Matt Renzi, bassist Francesco Ponticelli, and drummer Marco Valeri, is featured on Carpe Momentum (2004) and Berlin Bright (2007) both released by historic Soul Note label.




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