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My new project, the Expanding Trio, with Enzo Carpentieri and Stefano Senni will be touring Italy and Switzerland in Jan/Feb with performances in: Verona, Mestre, Gevova, Asti, Firenze, Lugano, Mozanbano and Trieste.




I am please to announce the release of my new App for iPad and iPhone, 

MyRhythm. To learn more about it, visit here.

The Greg Burk Trio, with Jonathan Robinson and Gerald Cleaver

will be performing at the Bologna Jazz Festival on November 19, 20. 


The Greg Burk Trio, with Stefano Senni and Enzo Carpentieri, 

will be in residence at the Padova Jazz Festival from November 12-17


Greg will be touring with Finnish Saxophonist, Pekka Pyllkanen's Global Unit, from 

Oct. 17 to 24 with performances in Switzerland, Germany and France. 


The Rome-based quintet, EDGE, will be celebrating their new release, Self-Determination, 

on Dodicilune Records. The CD presentation will be at the Alexanderplatz in Rome on

December 7 and 8. 


Greg's instrucional rhythm App for iPad and iPhone, MyRhythm, will be available on iTunes

on Nov. 1. 


My newly created App for iPad and iPhone, MyRhythm, has been released!

To learn more about it visit the website. 




I am pleased to announce the release of this new trio recording on 482 Music. Having collaborated with both Jonathan Robinson and Gerald Cleaver - previously heardon Carpe Momentum (Soul Note 2004) - over nearly 20 years, this recording is a very special addition to my discography. I hope that it brings joy and positive vibrations to you.




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